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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Write a class name employee. This class should hold the employee's details such as employee id,name,gender,salary and position. Write a member function to input all these details and displaying the information on the screen. Supply another member function to calculate the net salary for an employee (by Syuhadah razak)

import java.util.*;
class employee
public static void main (String args[])
employeeinfo ob = new employeeinfo();


class employeeinfo
Scanner in = new Scanner (;
Scanner ins = new Scanner (;
String name,gender,position;
int id,salary,ma,hr,bn;

void get()
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter employee ID = ");
id = in.nextInt();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter emplyee name = ");
name = ins.nextLine();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter employee gender = ");
gender = ins.nextLine();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter employee salary = ");
salary = in.nextInt();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter employee position = ");
position = ins.nextLine();

void totalsalary()
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter medical allowance = ");
ma = in.nextInt();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter house rent = ");
hr = in.nextInt();
System.out.print ("\n\t Enter bounus = ");
bn = in.nextInt();

void display()
System.out.println ("\n\t Employee ID = "+id);
System.out.println ("\n\t Employee name = "+name);
System.out.println ("\n\t Employee gender = "+gender);
System.out.println ("\n\t Employee basic salary = "+salary);
System.out.println ("\n\t Employee position/post = "+position);
System.out.println ("\n\t Total salary = "+(ma+hr+bn+salary));


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